No: 356, 23 October 2021, Press Release Regarding Israel's Violations In The Occupied Palestinian Territories

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 23.10.2021

We condemn the Israeli Higher Planning Council's plan to approve next week the building of 3,100 new housing units in various Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Israel's attempt to prevent human rights activities in the occupied territories by classifying six Palestinian human rights organizations as “terrorist organizations” is also contrary to human rights and international law.

The two-state vision is the only path for a just, lasting and comprehensive solution. Unilateral and illegal policies, including the expansion of illegal settlements that destroy this vision must come to an end.

We call on the international community to take action to ensure the protection of the Palestinian territories and the rights of the Palestinian people, in order to achieve lasting peace and stability in the region in the long term.


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