Türkiye Cumhuriyeti

Sana Büyükelçiliği

Konuşma Metinleri

Sağlık Fuarı Konuşması, 28.01.2012

(28 Ocak 2012, Mövenpick, Sanaa)

Your Excellency Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Qassim Al-Ansi,
Adviser to the Turkish Prime Ministry, Mr. Hamdi Şengel,
Chairman of the Turkish Healthcare Tourism Development Council, Mr. Emin Çakmak,
Turkish Airlines Sanaa Office Manager, Mr. Serkan Özbüyükyörük,
Chairman of the Business Team Partner Yemen, Mr. Faris Munassar,
Distinguished Yemeni and Turkish Health Sector Representatives, Professors and Doctors,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome all of you, today, at the 1st Conference of Turkish Medical Tourism in Yemen.

As everybody here knows, Turkey enjoys strong relations with Yemen for centuries. There is a strong cultural affinity, ties of sisterhood and brotherhood as well as a firm solidarity between Turkish and Yemeni peoples. Therefore, we feel a special privilege and responsibility to cooperate with Yemen in every field as our sisters and brothers in Yemen have been passing through a very sensitive period. Turkey supports by all possible means Yemen’s national unity, territorial integrity and stability.

I hope the stability and security in Yemen will be ensured completely in the coming days. Therefore, I want to consider the last year as past and talk about positive issues and bring a positive agenda to the Turkish Yemeni relations. Today’s conference is only a good example and a beginning of the steps we desire to take in the coming months and years to this end.

Distinguished Guests,

I would like to touch upon the excellent relations between Turkey and Yemen. The visit of H.E. President Abdullah Gül to Yemen last year in January is a good sign of these excellent relations. The agreements and protocols signed during the visit
constituted a strong ground for further improving our bilateral relations. We want to boost these relations by reciprocal ministerial visits in the coming period.

Unfortunately, the level of economic relations between our countries have decreased last year. However, I firmly believe that there is huge potential to be utilized. Our trade volume can be diversified and enhanced for both sides and my aim is to compensate the lost year by doubling, tripling our trade volume.

Our cooperation in the field of health has been gradually increasing during the past years. “The agreement concerning the cooperation in the area of health between Turkey and Yemen” was signed in 2008. In the framework of this Agreement, every year 25 Yemeni patients are treated in Turkey and we aim to increase this number.

Moreover, the first Turkish-Yemeni Health Week was held in 2010. 15 Turkish doctors visited Yemen in this regard and conducted some 200 successful operations in hospitals located in Sana, İbb and Hadramut.

Furthermore, in 2010, 45 and last year 65 Yemeni doctors and nurses took one month training program in Turkish government hospitals. In 2012, inşallah we will increase this number to 90.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Let me briefly talk about medical facilities in Turkey. Turkey provides good quality and reasonable price in the health sector through roughly 1.000 state owned and 500 private hospitals. We know that many Yemeni patients are traveling abroad to be cured. In my opinion, Turkey can be an attractive destination for these patients with its modern hospitals. Besides its medical facilities, Turkey, as a Muslim country sharing similar cultural traditions, has much to offer Yemeni people in terms of touristic and cultural opportunities.

You can travel to Turkey with Turkish Airlines Sana-Istanbul direct flights four days a week. Moreover, the visa abolishing agreement between Turkey and Yemen signed last year is expected to come into force in the near future. Hence, peoples of the two sisterly and brotherly nations will have the possibility to travel to each other without visa. In the meantime, we are taking all measures to make it easier for Yemenis to get their visas at the Consulate here in Sanaa. Therefore, I am hopeful that 2012 will bring more interaction between our countries in every field.

As I conclude my remarks, I would like to thank Mr Faris and Mr Serkan for organizing this event. I would also like to welcome you all once again and wish the conference will be very fruitful.

Long Live Yemen, Long Live Türkiye..
Long Live Turkish-Yemeni friendship!