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Birinci Türk Yemen Cerrahi Tıp Kongresi, 30.05.2012

Your Excellency Prime Minister, Mohamed Salem Basendwah,
Your Excellency Minister of State, Hasan Ahmed Sharafaldin,
Your Excellency Minister of State, Jawhara Hamood Thabet,
Your Excellency Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Qassim Al-Ansi,
My Dear Colleague Ambassador of Malaysia and Members of Corps Diplomatique,
Dr. Tarık Abuluhm and Science and Technology University Staff,
President My Brother İhsan Karaman and Members of Doctors Worldwide,
Dear Professors, Doctors and Doctors to be,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure for me to participate in the 1st Turkish-Yemeni Surgical Congress and to address this distinguished audience.

I would like to start my words with the excellent relations between Turkey and Yemen. As everybody here knows, Turkey enjoys strong relations with Yemen for centuries. There is a cultural affinity, ties of sisterhood and brotherhood as well as a firm solidarity between Turkish and Yemeni peoples. Therefore, we feel a special privilege and responsibility to cooperate with Yemen in every field as our sisters and brothers have been passing through a very sensitive period. In light of this responsibility, we are determined to further develop our deep-rooted relations.

Turkey supports by all possible means Yemen’s national unity, territorial integrity and stability. I hope the stability and security in Yemen will be ensured completely in the coming days. Therefore, I want to talk about positive issues and try to bring a positive agenda to the Turkish-Yemeni relations. Today’s congress is only a good example and a beginning of the steps we desire to take in the coming months and years to this aim.

Dear Participants,

We want to boost our relations by reciprocal ministerial and Prime Ministerial visits in the coming period. In this framework, Minister of Health H.E. Dr. Ahmed Qassim Al-Ansi, Minister of Tourism H.E. Mutahar Ahmed Taqi as well as Minister of Industry and Trade H.E. Saad Al-Din Ali Bin Talib visited Turkey in two months period. The Special Representative of the Turkish President Abdullah Gül came to Yemen to express our leadership’s support to the Yemeni leadership during this critical period. And finally I have the pleasure to announce that, after the congress we will go together with the Prime Minister H.E. Mohamed Salem Basendwah to the airport. H.E. Basendwah will be paying an official visit to Turkey to attend II. Somalia Conference and Alliance of Civilizations Meeting in İstanbul as well as to have bilateral talks with President Gül and Prime Minister Erdoğan. Needless to say, this visit will significantly improve the Turkish-Yemeni relations.

I want to share my views on the future of Yemen, as well. When the transition period is over, I expect Yemen will have achieved the first set of aims since democratic system and its mechanisms will be ready by then. A new constitution will be legislated and a fresh parliament and cabinet, approved by the society will come in power after the transitional period. These legitimate powers will be fully accountable to the people in steering the country out of poverty and leading it flourish quickly. So, by the end of this decade, I see Yemen as a country of safety and stability in which many investors populate the hotels while tourists enjoy its incredibly rich cultural and natural heritage. As Turkish Government and people, we will be supporting the efforts of Yemen to become a modern and developed country wholeheartedly, unconditional and without any political or economic provision.

Distinguished Guests,

Health sector is the most prominent field in our relations, thanks to H.E. Prime Minister, Minister of Health and Doctors Worldwide as well as University of Science and Technology. Our cooperation in the field of health has been gradually increasing during the past years. “The agreement concerning the cooperation in the area of health between Turkey and Yemen” was signed in 2008. In the framework of this Agreement, every year at least 25 Yemeni patients are treated in Turkey. We are working to increase this number. 70 patients have already been sent to Turkey this year. Three doctors from the Turkish Ministry of Health are together with us today. They have come to select more patients to be treated in Turkey in the coming days.

Furthermore, in 2010, 45 and last year 65 Yemeni doctors and nurses took one month training program in Turkish government hospitals. In 2012, inşallah we will increase this number to 90.

We are also working on building three dialysis centers in Sana’a, Hadramuth and Taiz and probably in Hudayda. An ambulance is being sent from Turkey in order to meet the urgent need of Yemen in this field. We organized the 1st Medical Tourism Conference this year.

These are the developments we have achieved by enhancing official relations. On the other hand, there are the efforts of NGO’s and private sector that is usually unrecorded. Therefore, the exact amount of the assistance is actually higher. Doctors Worldwide is among the forefront of the NGOs coming to Yemen, making their operations silently, just for humanitarian reasons. We all thank them for their sincere efforts.

As I conclude my remarks, I would also like to thank to all those who have tirelessly worked to organize this event and to Professor Davud and Dr. İhsan Karaman. I would like to welcome you all once again and wish the congress will be very fruitful.

Thank you.