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Birinci Türk-Yemen Cardiovascular Konferansı Konuşması, 20.11.2012

Remarks by Ambassador Fazlı Çorman
at the First Cardiovascular Conference
(20 November 2012, University of Science and Technology)

Your Excellency Dr. Ahmed Kasım Al-Anesi, Minister of Public Health,
Your Excellency Dr. Tarık Abuluhm,
Dear Brother, Ambassador of Egypt,
Dr. Hamid Aklan, The President of the University of Science and Technology and other high ranking administrators and staff of the University of Science and Technology,
Members of Doctors Worldwide,
Dear Professors, Doctors and Doctors to be,
Ladies and gentlemen,

As you well know, we held the “First Turkish-Yemeni Surgical Congress” in May together with the Doctors Worldwide and the University of Science and Technology. Today, with the First Cardiovascular Conference, I am happy to see that these series of conferences started to institutionalize.

I think my luck in Yemen is associated with medical conferences. The more I attended conferences in this field, the more I feel excited and motivated, because I see a great potential here.

“The First Medical Tourism Conference” which was successful and well attended was one of my first activities since I arrived at Sana’a. It was followed by exceptional cooperation in health sector with many authorities. We held again a Medical Tourism Conference last week, but this time in a more detailed agenda. And today we are holding the second cardiovascular conference, which I believe will create a fertile ground to share knowledge and experience.

We will continue our efforts in this regard. Next month Sana’a will host the Second Turkish-Yemeni Health Week with a very comprehensive programme.

It is obvious that we attach a special importance and give priority to the health field which is candidate to be the most prominent field in our bilateral relations, thanks to all of you.

Distinguished Participants,

I would like to elaborate on the cooperation between Turkey and Yemen in health field, which has been gradually increasing during the past years. “The Agreement Concerning the Cooperation in the Area of Health between Turkey and Yemen” signed in 2008 is in force. In the framework of this Agreement, every year 25 Yemeni patients who cannot be cured in Yemen have the possibility to be treated in Turkey. We are going to increase this number in the very near future. Besides this agreement, more than 100 patients have already been sent to Turkey this year, as a humanitarian response to the events of 2011.

Furthermore, we continue to arrange one month training programs for Yemeni doctors and nurses in Turkish government hospitals.

We are also working on building three dialysis centers in Sana’a, Hadramuth, Taiz and in Hudayda. Two ambulances were sent from Turkey in order to meet the urgent need of Yemen in this field.

We don’t see these developments enough. We want to see this cooperation to spread out more on the ground. We aim to see more Yemeni patients in the Turkish hospitals, more Turkish doctors in Yemen and vice versa.
As a final word on the health field, I would like to express my heartfelt wish that health situation in Yemen should be improved to the level that meets Yemeni’s needs. Turkey is looking forward to walk with Yemen step by step to accomplish what Yemen and Yemeni people deserve.

Distinguished Participants,

As I conclude my remarks, I would like to thank to all those who have tirelessly worked to organize this very very comprehensive and sophisticated conference. I would like to welcome all members of the Doctors Worldwide from all over the world to Yemen. I have to say that Doctors Worldwide and University of Science and Technology showed an exemplary partnership between Yemen and Turkey by organizing this event. It is my sincere hope that this example can prevail in other areas of cooperation between the two countries as well.

Thank you.