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Statements of Turkish Ambassador in Sana'a Fazlı Çorman and Head of the Customs Department Mohamed Mansour Zemam to Yemen TV, 25.01.2013

Yemen TV:
The Head of the Customs Department Mohamed Mansour Zemam informed the Turkish Ambassador today of the legal and customs procedures taken concerning the arms consignment that came from Turkey and seized at the Aden Free Zone customs.


“The issue is of 155 Turkish-made automatic rifles and around 10.000 pistols of the same type that was captured earlier. The message here with the presence of the Turkish Ambassador is that these arms are not sent by the Turkish government directly, and as the issue is a problem for Yemen, is also a problem for turkey. That’s why have taken actions, and we cannot take any picture, neither we nor anyone else until the necessary procedures could be completed by the Public Prosecutor”.

Yemen TV:
The Turkish Ambassador expressed his hope that this shipment which was seized would be the last one, stressing that his government will take all necessary actions towards this case, and at the same time he hailed the role of the customs authorities for their efforts for seizure of this consignment.

He said, "Actually the Turkish government is giving very much importance to this matter may be more than the Yemeni government gives. Turkey is not a big arms manufacturing country, but there are some small companies that are manufacturing duplicate and traumatic gun that could be used only for firing rubber bullets. He confirms that these companies are making limited and traumatic guns but this thing may affect the relations between the two countries, and we will exert our efforts to prevent this.

Thanks you Mr. Ambassador.

Yemen TV:
This arms consignment is not the first one and it may not be the last one also but the vigilance of the customs authority confirms that their job is not only of revenue generation but more than that.

For Yemen TV- Saddam Hassan, Aden Free Zone.

News Reader:
For more information regarding this case we contacted Mr. Zemam over phone.
Mr. Zemam, how this new arms consignment was discovered? Has this any relation with the one that was seized earlier?


“For clarification, the picture that appeared is of the last time when the arms consignment was captured in the last November, but this time no picture appeared because of the legal procedures. There is difference between the procedures in connection with the two cases, the first one came up when the customs clearance agent of the owner came for clearance and the customs authorities took the actions, this consignment arrived at Aden Free Zone on 16 November. We were having information of this consignment, and we were in contacts with the National Security, we were keeping watch on it and waiting for the owner to come but he did not come that’s why we contacted the Public Prosecutor and he took a decision and gave us the right to check the container, and also he assigned the Deputy Public Prosecutor of Aden. According to the information so far, this consignment has no connection with the previous consignment, but our action is in the investigation direction and to confiscate.

Again, the consignment is of 115 automatic rifles, duplicate to US automatic rifles “Enforce” and 10000 pistols similar to the pistols captured earlier”.

Who is the importer of this consignment and how you will deal with him?

“Concerning the importer of this consignment we have the papers, there are peoples who tried to forge documents in the name of the Defense Ministry, they would be apprehended and stern actions would be taken against them.

To make it clear, this consignment is not exported directly by the Turkish government and I call upon all media through this TV channel to be careful in giving such news, it is a problem of ours and it is a problem of Turkey also.

Today we thank the Turkish Ambassador for his presence in Aden to know the measures being taken. He has promised that the Turkish government will take stern measures so that this could not take place again, as this is a common problem for us, it is a problem for turkey also. The Turkish government, represented by the Turkish Ambassador in Sana’a or the Turkish Minister of Customs, has expressed its readiness to have cooperation, and they have formed a committee, they will inform us as he Yemeni government about the outcomes of the investigations”.